Masonic US Marine Corps Veteran Limited Edition Challenge Coin



Fratline Exclusive – Limited Edition Challenge Coin, individually numbered from 1-200. This unique challenge coin features the Square & Compasses with the letter “G”, surrounded by Working Tools and the words, “Friendship, Morality & Brotherly Love” in the border. The reverse side features the U.S. Coast Guard emblem, surrounded by the words “U.S. Coast Guard Veteran & Freemason.” This coin is Die Struck; plated in Gold with vivid soft enamels; measures 1-3/4” diameter and weighs one ounce. Challenge coin use and collecting began in the U.S. Military and later came into use within Law Enforcement and First Responder departments. It’s no surprise they’ve made their way into fraternal culture. Challenge coins are highly collectible and make great gifts as well. Order one for yourself and another for a Brother.

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