Masonic Patriotic Lapel Pin & Patch Collection



The Ultimate Masonic Patriotic Lapel Pin and Patch Collection – 8 of our Top-Selling Patriotic Lapel Pins and a U.S./Masonic Patch at a Discounted Price for a Limited Time Only. If purchased Separately, all items would cost $30.50. This Collection includes: Masonic U.S. Flag Motif Lapel Pin at $3.50; Crossed U.S. and Masonic Flags Lapel Pin at $3.00; US. Flag and Masonic Emblem Lapel Pin at $4.00; Masonic, Flag “Under God” Lapel Pin at $4.00; Masonic Statue of Liberty Lapel Pin at $3.25; Waving U.S. Flag Lapel Pin at $3.00; U.S. Flag Ribbon Lapel Pin at $2.75; September 11th Memorial Lapel Pin at $3.50 and U.S./ Masonic Embroidered Patch at $3.50.

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