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Masonic and Fraternal Auto Emblems and Accessories from Fratline are the best quality and value available. Our auto emblems are offered in both die struck aluminum, brass and cast zinc.  They all feature a double faced adhesive backing for easy and permanent application.  For best results, apply them to a clean, dry surface that is above 60 degrees. We also offer front auto vanity plates and auto flags.

Masonic and Fraternal Auto Emblems: A Way to Display Your Pride in Membership

By B. Shawn Warren, CEO of Fratline Emblematics

I was fortunate to grow up in an environment where my father, uncles, grandfathers, great grandfathers and most men in my life were Freemasons. Along with wearing their Masonic rings, most of them displayed Masonic decals or auto emblems on their vehicles. When I joined the Order of DeMolay in 1984, one of the first DeMolay items I acquired was a decal. While it was a couple of years before I bought my first car, when I finally did, that decal was proudly applied and displayed.

I was eligible to join the Knights of Pythias before Freemasonry and when that happened, guess what? That Order's emblem was also displayed on my vehicle. When I was finally raised as a Master Mason, the Masonic Square and Compasses emblem was also added to my vehicle. I was proud to be a member of these great fraternal organizations and I wanted everyone to know it too!

Now, 30 years later, while membership in the great fraternal orders of America has waned, I still proudly display my fraternal auto emblems. I remember driving around town, taking short trips and vacations and seeing these emblems much more often than I do today. It was nothing to pull beside another driver and give a wave, a nod or even a "sign." There have been a few occasions where I stopped for a broken down vehicle on the side of the road having noticed a Masonic auto emblem to offer assistance.

While times have certainly changed, those of us who are members of these great fraternal organizations should continue to display to the world, our pride in membership.

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