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Fratline offers a comprehensive selection of Royal Order of Scotland merchandise including a lapel pin, tie tack, tie bar, cuff links and button covers, bolo tie and more.

The Royal Order of Scotland is an appendant order within the structures of Freemasonry. Membership is an honor extended to Freemasons by invitation. The Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland is headquartered in Edinburgh, with a total of 88 subordinate Provincial Grand Lodges. Of these, the greatest concentration (more than a third) is in the British Isles, with the rest located in countries around the world.

The order has existed since at least 1741, based on records in the archive of the Grand Lodge. There being activity in London, with a further charter being granted in 1750 to work the degree at The Hague. The holder of that warrant, William Mitchell, moved to Edinburgh around 1752-3, using the charter to establish a Provincial Grand Lodge there. In 1767 this body became the Grand Lodge of the Royal Order of Scotland.

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